Bernd Uiberall, was born in 1943 in Bassum, near Bremen, and was a sculptor in the German art world. Uiberall studied under the professor Gerhard Schreiter at the University of the Arts, Bremen. Nature and art – so often perceived as contrasting – are seamlessly merged in Uiberall’s sculptures.

Back in 1998, Bernd Uiberall created a monumental eight-metre sculpture in the shape of a staircase, comprising 800 pieces of sandstone (8m x 8m x 0.8m), which he installed at the estate where his studio was located, in the outskirts of Artá in Majorca.


Born in Bassum, near Bremen, in 1943.

From 1963 to 1968, he studied at and graduated from the state-run University of the Arts, Bremen.

From then on, he worked as an independent artist.

Exhibitions in Germany and abroad, in public institutions, museums and private collections.

Regular participation in sculpture symposiums, in Germany and abroad.

City of Zweibrücken Art Award.

Bulgarian International Sculpture Award.

Large-scale projects for Lufthansa Flight Training, the state of Bremen’s central bank, Telekom, IBM and the aviation
and space centre, among others.

Bernd Uiberall lived and worked in Bremen, Majorca and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.


„In my work, I deal first and foremost with the basic sculptural issues. From there, sculptures emerge which clearly reflect both natural processes and human (architectural) intervention, examining the time factor.“

The results of this approach feature areas of tension: amorphous vs. detailed, smooth vs. coarse, transparent vs. impenetrable, hard vs. soft, active vs. static, light vs. dark.

Bernd Uiberall strove to keep the natural history of the materials he worked with alive. The history of the sculpture begins long before the artist starts his work and continues long after he finishes. The contrasts to which Uiberall alludes are observed in his sculptures in the transition from one part to the next, and in the unity of these contrasting parts, preserving the tension between them. In the case of hispole-shaped sculptures, it is not entirely clear whether the architectonic form is growing out of the stone, or sinking into it.

Materials such as plastic and acrylic virtually disappeared from Bernd Uiberall’s later works. He concentrated almost exclusively on stone sculptures, making his pieces even more concise and homogeneous. The contrasts within each sculpture are achieved exclusively through the different degrees to which, and ways in which, the material is transformed.

By chiselling, sculpting and polishing the surfaces he creates shapes, colours and structures that lead the observer to question whether the parts that have been left natural and the parts that have been worked, even slightly, are actually made of the same material. (Extract from Knut Nievers)



The art historian Horst Keller once said:“…how easy it is for the artist to leave this world behind; his art survives him, stands proud, forgets its creator and follows its own path. This path is what we call the testimony of art”.

The non-profit Foundation based in Bremen handles Bernd Uiberall’s artistic legacy, an extensive portfolio of works stemming from over four decades of artistic creation.

The Bernd Uiberall Foundation seeks to accompany the works of the sculptor Bernd Uiberall on this path, to keep it alive and ensure it is not forgotten.

The pieces owned by the Foundation are located, for the main part, at Bernd Uiberall’s studio near Artá in Majorca and in Northern Germany. The Foundation guarantees and appropriately promotes public access to all of Bernd Uiberall’s artistic works, organising workshops, symposiums and artists’ events. If you are interested in Bernd Uiberall’s work, please do not hesitate to contact us and we’ll be delighted to respond to your questions or suggestions.

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